About CAM

Just like a triage or emergency room, folks come to CAM in all sorts of crisis.  No appointment is necessary and all are welcome.  CAM provides many items to meet clients’ immediate physical needs while also addressing the needs of the mind and soul.  CAM is also a vital connection for clients who need long-term support by providing referrals and advocating for the client to other nonprofits and/or government agencies.

CAM’s Mission

To share the love of Christ by providing immediate assistance and encouragement to people in crisis.

CAM was founded in 1977 by nine downtown churches and today is supported by over 80 today.  CAM works much like an emergency room of social services, all are welcome and no one must make an appointment. By providing for safety net needs, immediately, we can ensure that further crisis can be avoided or that the client is stabilized in order to get further help with a specialized nonprofit.  Our services begin with a personal interview, referrals, and specific resources (food, clothing and financial help).

CAM is dedicated to helping those with great need facing long term or short term crisis.  CAM is now supported by local churches, foundations, individuals, “in-kind” donations and a volunteer force of 250. Services are administered at 2 donated locations on church properties and serves 50,000 people annually with 8 full time and 3 part time staff. CAM provides food, clothing, utility assistance, prescription assistance, ID recovery (vital for help with housing, insurance and employment), a free place to receive mail, and transportation to medical appointments or bus passes for the newly employed.

CAM provides “safety net” services for vulnerable and at risk populations. CAM serves the working poor that may only make ends meet on a monthly basis and may not qualify for government programs but have a short term need. CAM also works with populations who are chronically vulnerable due to disabilities, poverty, abuse, substance abuse issues, age, illness, etc. These individuals need an organization like CAM to provide for many resources and to connect them to social service programs working on the systemic issue.

CAM Helps

  • 20,000 families and individuals with groceries

  • 20,000 families and individuals with clothing including

  • 15,000 homeless individuals with sack lunches

  • 500 people a place to receive their mail

  • 200 children with specific school supplies

  • 3,400 people with spiritual support including prayer, a Bible or a Bible study

  • 6,800 people with financial assistance to purchase an ID, utility assistance to avoid disconnect or help pay for prescription medications and transportation

Every person who comes to CAM, regardless of beliefs, is considered a child of God. Help is extended to all clients through the distribution of food, clothing, financial assistance, or by referrals to other agencies, prayer and a listening ear.