What We Do

CAM operates in two locations as an emergency room of social services.  Our primary purpose is to help clients overcome barriers to help by providing immediate and easily assessable resources.  Like an “emergency room”, we serve anyone in need and no appointment is required.  Often people who have a onetime need or are in a chronic crisis don’t know where to turn, others may find long waiting lists or proof of demographic requirements that impede receiving the help they need in a timely fashion.

Clients come to CAM through referrals from local churches, United Way 211 referral line, other local nonprofits, schools and hospitals.  Our goal is to meet the most immediate critical need, interview them to ascertain what that is and then connect them to community resources that can help with systemic issues.

We Help in the Following Ways

  • Financial Assistance for utilities, prescriptions, ID recovery and miscellaneous emergencies
  • We have a significant ID recovery program that includes helping people financially with birth certificates and a state issued Identification card in order to get back to work, enroll in school or gain access to another community resource
  • Food (groceries or daily sack lunches)
  • Clothing  (for work, including items such as diapers (children and adults), shoes, bras, socks and underwear)
  • Free Mail box
  • Spiritual support through Bibles, daily prayer service, prayer request and call back support
  • Special larger programs such as and Adopt a Child for Back to School and our CAM Emergency Christmas Store
  • If you are seeking assistance or referring someone for help you can access our “Get Assistance” page that provides specific service details and requirements

CAM also hosts several drives and activities throughout the year.  For a complete list of these events, click here.