McCullough Avenue Consortium

McCullough Avenue is the gateway to the cultural centers of our city. Home to major Downtown churches, corporate headquarters, The Tobin Center and the River North, McCullough connects this vibrant area to the entire city by virtue of its proximity and intersection with Highways 281 and I-35.

We assembled a consortium of owners and the City of San Antonio to transform McCullough Avenue. Organizing the effort is Christian Assistance Ministry (CAM), located at the corner of McCullough and 281. As we consider the plans for Broadway and the exciting commercial and cultural developments on and near McCullough, CAM wants to raise its profile as a proud and valuable light in our community.

CAM has an opportunity to be part of the development in our area. Our location alone affords us an opportunity for advertising, marketing and sharing our ministry if we are thoughtful, intentional, and innovative. Furthermore we can be of assistance in setting the tone and caring for the neighborhood. We have the benefit of McCullough, the northern river reach, Broadway and now the East side revitalization surrounding CAM. This is an opportunity to increase community involvement and investment so that we can further our strategic vision to do more and help more.

As part of CAM’s 10-year strategy, we developed a vision that establishes the ministry as a positive anchor-point on McCullough Avenue. CAM envisions major upgrades for its campus and wants to invite all those who are near to do the same in a coordinated fashion. Location alone affords us high visibility and the opportunity to share our missions if we are thoughtful, intentional, and innovative. Furthermore, we can help set the tone and care for the neighborhood. There is further benefit aligning this project to plans for Broadway and East side revitalization. This is an opportunity to increase community involvement and investment so that all in this corridor can further their visions, do more and help others.

The following are partners with a stake in the McCullough Avenue Consortium:

  • Christian Assistance Ministry
  • CPS Energy
  • DPT Laboratories
  • David Edelman
  • First Baptist Church of San Antonio
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Grace Lutheran Church
  • GrayStreet Partners (Light Building)
  • Pape-Dawson
  • KLRN
  • Christian Chamber of Commerce (Michael Berlanga)
  • The Tobin Center
  • Roberto Trevino, District 1 City Council


“Avenue of Light”
Envision from the South at Hwy 281, a half-mile stretch, with mature trees, beautifully lit walking streets, public art, culminating at a proposed roundabout, possibly featuring a tower projecting a beam of light into the night (envision the Luxor in Las Vegas), creating a new landmark on the San Antonio skyline. From the North at I-35, another halfmile stretch of improved roadway crosses the Riverwalk and connects to that same roundabout.