CAM and COVID-19

CAM has decided to keep its doors open to serve those less fortunate in the San Antonio community.

Click Here For a List of All CAM Services and Requirements

Please note that if you are driving in, have a home etc. we serve our homeless friends with food from 9 am to 10 am and we need you to arrive at 10 am when our gates are open and our sack lunch food distribution is over. In the midst of everything going on, we are prioritizing the following services:


  • Sack lunches for our homeless friends – Mon – Sat [9 am – 11 am]
  • Homeless Showers – Mon, Wed, and Sat [930 am –1130 am]
  • Homeless Hygiene Kits – Mon [9 am – 11 am]
  • Homeless Clothing Distribution – Thu [930 am – 1030 am]

Individuals/Families with a Home/Proof of Residence

  • Groceries – Mon through Thu [10 am – 1 pm]
  • Financial assistance for medical prescriptions or utilities – Mon through Thu [10 am – 1 pm]

We’re also still very much in need of certain items, but the biggest need is funding. We need funds to buy certain items for our clients such as groceries, hygiene items, baby items, etc. CAM is also working with some of the larger organizations in town such as Haven for Hope, the SA Food Bank, and the City of San Antonio to formalize a strategic process during COVID-19. Information may change daily/weekly.

Financial Assistance

**We have a new process in place during the Covid-19 crisis. In order to expedite your wait time and for your safety please download application, fill it out and bring it with you along with your ID and social security cards when you come to CAM for services.**

  • Prescription Medications up to $40 annually (this may be given out multiple times a year if each time doesn’t total $40)

Financial Assistance Applications [ENGLISH]

Financial Assistance Applications [SPANISH]

Build Kits for Homeless Clients

For those interested in helping from the safety of your own home, listed to the right are kits you can put together for our homeless clients and drop off at either of our locations (Downtown/Northwest). Please pack items in small bags to be handed out with other kits or lunches. If you have any other questions, click here to contact Sarah Kory

Volunteer Needs

  • Making sandwiches for our homeless clients
  • Putting together hygiene kits
  • Helping answer the phones

Homeless Hygiene Kits

  • Deodorant
  • Comb/Brush
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Razor
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush

*please pack with travel sized items

Homeless Food Kits

  • Granola Bar
  • Pop Top Food Item
    • Beanie Weenies
    • Stew
    • Ravioli, etc.
  • Apple Sauce cup
  • Juice Box
  • Cheez its/Chips (individual size)

How is CAM Staying Safe?

Even though CAM is open and operating, we have a plan in place to mitigate any harm or fear to our staff and volunteers. We’ve taken the necessary precautions to ensure mass safety on our campus.

  • We have gloves, masks, hand sanitizers, Clorox wipes and other cleaning supplies to ensure our campus stays as clean as possible
  • We’re wiping down all door knobs, handles, tables, and all other surfaces with Clorox bleach every few hours
  • We are providing all services outside while instilling the social distancing rule of 6ft or more
  • First Presbyterian Church has so graciously decided to fund 2 outdoor hand washing stations for our downtown campus; one of which will be right next to our porta-potties and the second will be placed at the ramp leading up to our client building. Clients will be asked to wash their hands before entering.
  • We’ve cancelled our daily Bible study to eliminate the gathering of too many people in a confined space

Clothing Kits

CAM is currently in desperate need of clothing kits. As some of you may know, CAM passes out clothing kits to homeless clients, both men and women. The clothing kit consists of the following items:

  • 1 t-shirt
  • 1 pair of stretchy, elastic-banded pants
  • 1 pair of new socks
  • 1 pair of new underwear

We’re passing out over 200 of these kits every Tuesday and Thursday, which means we’re passing out over 400 homeless clothing kits every week. Because CAM is working with a lean staff and no volunteers, we’re having to go out and purchase these items and then package them ourselves. You can only imagine how long this is taking, and we’re not able to keep up with the demand. So, we’re asking for your help!

Please consider making these kits in the comfort and safety of your own home. This would be a fun project to do with the kiddos, or gather family members and friends at a safe distance and come together to put these kits together. The t-shirt and pants can be gently used, but clean. And the socks and underwear must be brand new. Here’s a video of our President/CEO explaining further how you can donate clothing kits for CAM clients.