CAM's Corner

CAM’s Corner is the fulfillment of God’s command to leave the uncut corners of our harvest as a visible sign that we have saved part of our harvest to help those in need. We believe it is no coincidence that our downtown location and the foundation of CAM is on the very visible corner of Hwy 281 and McCullough. It is our vision to make this entrance and exit into downtown a sign for those in need that we’re in their corner and are here to help them, no matter what. We also want it to be a visible sign to the community that there is a place that they can help and share their harvest through donated items, time, and dollars.

We would like to invite our community and YOU to be in CAM’s Corner. This effort is about being intentional about our message and intentional about our commitment to care for those in need.

What does it mean to be in CAM’s Corner?

1. Start by donating today! People may think they can’t make a substantial difference and thus don’t give, but what if you gave $10, $20 or $50 a month? That could mean a gift of $120, $240 or $600 annually.

2. Maybe you’re already in CAM’s Corner because you like to make a total gift at our Spring Appeal or Holiday Appeal…or both!

  • One way you could help is to make a gift now and let us know you plan to pledge another amount later
  • Plan for a legacy gift so that your dedication to our ministry will continue well past your lifetime. Let us know you have left us in your will or ask us how that might work.

3. In addition to the financial gift someone in CAM’s corner might provide, we hope to engage you in active volunteer opportunities and/or partnerships so that you have a personal engagement with what we do and how we serve.

Come join CAM’s Corner and be part of the movement to change the world, one dollar at a time!