Construction Projects


Under Construction

Is your group looking to do a project at CAM? Well, look no further. Check out the list below then contact Mary Henderson at 210-223-4099 or via email here.

CAM Downtown

  • Sand and varnish handrail on the staircase in the Admin Building

  • Repair/Replace fence along the perimeter of CAM

  • Paint and install vinyl flooring inside the Chapel

  • Repair leaning fence post at the front of the Administration Building
  • Stain and repair deck on the Chapel

  • Repair siding and close holes along the perimeter of the Chapel

  • Rebuild/replace back door in basement of Client Building

  • Repair or replace the table tops for our food prep tables and add sturdy wheels with locks in the food pantry

  • Repair handrail on the exterior entrance of the Basement

  • Clean and paint elevator shaft

  • Paint the front entrance and add a scripture or our mission

  • Clean ceiling fans and vents in Client Building

  • Repair/replace the exterior opening to the food chute to the Basement

  • Brush removal and  tree trimming

  • Build picnic tables for clients to utilize outside

  • Mount ceiling fan on wall in Sorting Room

  • Remove, replace rubber and repaint the interior stairs to the Basement

  • Remove carpet and refinish existing wood flooring the Administration Building

  • Clean, replace floor tiles and repaint the restrooms in the Administration Building

  • Clean/Replace ceiling tiles in the upstairs of Administration Building

  • Move and reinstall AC units from the Basement to the upstairs of the Admininstration Building

  • Create and building concrete parking barriers

  • Repair the roof of the Warehouse

  • Repair the roof/top of the CAM truck

  • Create a secure donation collection receptacle for the back of our building


  • Purchase window units for CAM Northwest

  • Replace or repair front windows at CAM Northwest

  • Stain the front deck of CAM Northwest

  • Repaint interior of CAM Northwest

  • Repaint exterior of CAM Northwest

  • Haul brush and weeds at CAM Northwest