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He Shared his Harvest

Our volunteers Rich and Cecilia work in our men’s pantry.  They pass out sack lunches each Tuesday morning to a long line of people and help men who need socks, underwear, hygiene items, shoes, jeans etc.  On a late Tuesday morning as they were helping a young man – “Tom” select a pair of shoes, […]

Why Wheat?

  Why Wheat? You may have noticed that our logo has changed. The wheat for CAM references our commitment to caring for all of those in need by feeding them, clothing them, providing financial assistance and feeding their soul though grace and love. Wheat is a global sustainer of life; breaking bread together, sharing one’s […]

Food for Thought

“Connie” sat patiently holding her purse tightly to her chest waiting for her number to be called. She was a well-dressed elderly woman with thin white hair carefully pulled back. Her eyes were tired and her shoulders bent over; she was frail. CAM clients are very diverse. There are working poor families with young children, […]

Overcoming the Odds

Most of the time, we don’t have an opportunity to see the story of our clients through until the end.  They enter CAM much like someone comes to an emergency room and we stabilize them that day and then they may be referred to another nonprofit for long term help. This is our mission, to […]

Pay it Forward

Recently a client rushed into our CAM NW location just before we were to close with tears in her eyes and an incredible story. I came to realize that she wasn’t just here for herself but for me to also see God’s incredible work in all of our lives.  You see, most days I simply […]

Soles for Souls

Soles for Souls Richard had sought assistance with CAM a couple times over the last 10 years-whether he needed food or help obtaining his ID CAM had been there for him-but he never thought much of it.  He didn’t recognize the grace he was being offered. You see Richard was just surviving, living on the […]