“Big Al”


“Big Al”, this is the name that our clients lovingly call CAM’s longest working social worker. It is difficult to put into words the calming and optimistic feeling one gets when spending time with Al and it’s why our clients often request to meet with him. After a very full military career and a short stent with Child Protective Services he felt led to CAM. What inspired him was the fact that he could actually see the difference he was making and he felt called to serve the Lord.

Al shared that he is especially inspired by the single mothers who come in for help. They juggle more hardship than most of us can imagine; yet they always come in with a smile and make clear their unconditional love for their children. Al says that when he looks at these loving mothers he thinks to himself “I have nothing to complain about in my life.”

One single mother in particular stood out to him during CAM’s Back to School program. She came in with five children and Al had the pleasure of offering her 5 gift cards to Payless so that each child could get a new pair of shoes. The mother began sobbing happy tears and said, “My children have never had a new pair of shoes before.”

This year Al is retiring to spend time with his family and grandchildren. CAM has been blessed by his service and he will leave an incredible legacy of kind, fair and loving service.

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