Timing is Everything

Funds at CAM were running low which can happen during the busy summer months and due to this we are sometimes unable to help clients monetarily. During this time an elderly couple came into CAM in need of assistance (food, clothing and financial assistance for their utilities). We explained that we did not have financial help for the CPS bill but could help with other items. Unfortunately, we also needed some extra documentation from the couple in order to supply them with what we could; food, clothing, etc. This was disappointing for all. However, God had a plan no one could see. While the couple went to retrieve the extra documents, accountant, Marcela, notified the staff that we did indeed have a small amount of funding remaining due to checks written to clients that were not cashed and now credited back into our financial assistance account. Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez were elated and rejoicing with tears of thanksgiving when we told them that we could indeed help them with their CPS bill which ultimately stopped the disconnection of their utilities. The couple said they had been praying all the way back to CAM and when they received the good news that the money was miraculously available they truly felt that GOD had heard them and knew that everything happened for a reason.

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