Why Wheat?

“When you harvest the crops on your land, do not cut all the way to the corners of your field.  Don’t pick up the grain that falls on the ground.  Leave it for the poor…”

CAM’s wheat logo references our commitment to caring for those in need.  Wheat is a universal symbol of life, sustainability, charity and love.

Today we harvest in different ways and our bounty comes in many forms.  Still sharing any excess and planning for sharing by not harvesting it all is important.  When this scripture was written the field of wheat with uncut corners would have been a visible symbol for someone in need that that person followed God’s command and that in turn God was answering their prayers.  How will you share your harvest?

Winter Coat Drive

For over 30 years, Five Star Cleaners has been working to keep San Antonio warm for the winter through their annual coat drive Cold Days, Warm Hearts.  CAM and SAMMinistries will get to distribute these coats to their clients who may not have the means to purchase a coat.  We encourage you to drop off any new or slightly used coats at any of the 17 Five Star Cleaners locations.  As an added incentive, every Wednesday beginning December 13, drop of a coat at any Alamo Drafthouse location and receive a FREE popcorn and $5 Gift Certificate to Five Star Cleaners!

CAM Tour Events

Join us for Breakfast Tacos or Tea and Finger Sandwiches followed by a tour of the Historic Dulling House and CAM’s client services. You’ll be sured to learn what CAM does on a daily basis and see where you can help our ministry! Check out our Facebook page for more info and to RSVP.


Just like a triage or emergency room, people come to CAM in all sort of crisis. No appointment is necessary and all are welcome.

What We Do

Our mission is to share the love of Christ by providing immediate assistance and encouragement to people in crisis. We do this in the following ways:
We've assisted 20,000 families and individuals with groceries, and 20,000 families and individuals with clothing.
We work with over 200 volunteers in San Antonio, Texas. Want to join our community?
Every person who comes to CAM, regardless of beliefs, is considered a child of God. Help is extended to all clients through the distribution of food, clothing, financial assistance, or by referrals to other agencies, prayer and a listening ear.

Joy In Our Town Feature

Learn more about CAM, our services, and how you can help.